Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide (NCAW) is a scholarly, refereed, open-access journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century art and visual culture across the globe.
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NCAW publishes both articles and book/exhibition reviews and has been a leader in the publication of digital art history scholarship. Open to various historical and theoretical approaches, its editors welcome contributions that reach across national boundaries and illuminate intercultural contact zones in the broadest sense of that term. The chronological scope of the journal is the “long” nineteenth century, stretching from the American and French Revolutions, at one end, to the outbreak of World War I, at the other, a period coinciding with the apex of European colonialism and the first phase of (unfettered) industrial capitalism.

NCAW was founded in 2002 in response to an AHNCA questionnaire in which members overwhelmingly called for a nineteenth-century art history journal. It is funded in part by AHNCA dues, so please join AHNCA and support the journal!