AHNCA Listserv

AHNCA maintains a listserv at AHNCA@LISTSERVS.SHU.EDU. Subscription is open to all who are interested in nineteenth-century art history, but AHCNA membership is strongly encouraged. Listserv subscribers can send messages to AHNCA@listservs.shu.edu. These will be sent to all ca. four hundred subscribers to the list. The listserv is monitored to prevent unwanted messages.


Founded in 1993, the association today has more than 250 members. AHNCA's goal is to foster communication and collaboration among all who are interested in art and visual culture produced between 1789 and 1914.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the listserv, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a new message window in your preferred email program and
    address your message to LISTSERV@LISTSERVS.SHU.EDU
  2. In the body of the message, type the following on the first line:
    subscribe AHNCA your name (First Last).
  3. If you use an automatic "signature" in your email software, it must be
    disabled before you send your subscription request.
  4. Send your message. If your email software requires a subject line, put
  5. Once your subscription is successfully processed, you will get an email
    message that contains information regarding how to unsubscribe from
    the list, how to turn mail off temporarily, and how to change to digest
    mode. Save this message for future reference.
  6. Unsubscribing is similar to subscribing, but instead of “subscribe,” type