Twice a year, the Association publishes a newsletter containing information about new books and exhibitions related to nineteenth-century art and activities of scholars in the field.

Department Editors

Grants, Fellowships, Prizes & Awards: Leanne ZalewskiInternational Exhibitions: Mia LauferNew Books: Megan True / Symposia (To Apply and To Attend): Kara Shier / US Exhibitions: Olivia Dudnik

We also carry exhibition and book reviews and articles about trends in the field, as well as how-to articles about publishing and research. Members in good standing automatically receive the newsletter electronically as a pdf file, which can be downloaded and saved for future reference.

Queries and submissions about the newsletter may be sent to its Editor, Arlene Leis.

The current issue of AHNCA's newsletter is not posted here because access to it is a benefit of current AHNCA membership. Please consider joining today.

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